Q:  How do I install my treads?

A:  Our treads can be quickly installed with 4 easy steps!

Step 1- Allow the treads to acclimate to your home. It is important that the treads reach room temperature before installing.

Step 2- Be sure stairs are clean and dry. This will allow for the non-skid backing to make good contact with the stair.

Step 3- While holding the stair tread, press the TrueBullnose® product securely against the face/edge of the step.

Step 4- Lower the tread into place, pressing firmly from the front edge to the back to ensure proper contact with the stair.

Q:  Is padding important for carpet stair treads?

A:  Yes!  It helps extend the life of your carpet!  Some manufacturers do not offer padding (or only offer it as a steep upgrade), but it is important enough that we build it into every True Bullnose® tread, every time.  No extra charge.

Q:  Why are your stair treads sold individually/per-step rather than in sets?

A:  We have found that the number of steps often varies from house to house.  So, we sell treads individually so that customers may order the same number of treads as they have steps.

Q:  Is this an easy to install DIY product?

A:  Yes!  It takes less than 30 Seconds per step to install!

Q:  How do True Bullnose® Treads stay in place?

A:  Our treads stay in place because of how we make them. First, we put padding on the back of the carpet followed by a nonskid material which is similar to that which is on the back of a credit card when it arrives in the mail — stays in place but easily removed. No nails or messy glues or adhesives needed.

Q:  Do I have to clean my stairs first?

A:  Yes! Make sure your stairs are clean and dry before installing your TrueBullnose® stair treads.

Q:  Will the standard size of your treads fit my stairs even if I have an older home?

A:  Our stock tread depth is made to fit the most common stair step which is 10″ deep and 1″ thick, but we can make them more/less deep to fit your needs! If your stairs are more than 1″ thick, start a conversation and send us a picture and we will see if there is something we can recommend.

Q:  Can I have custom width or depth treads made for my stairs?

A:  Yes! We do most custom work at the same or only slightly higher prices to cover the cost of additional material used and over-sized shipping surcharged us; just start up a conversation to get started!

Q:  How do I measure the Depth and Thickness of my stairs?

A:  For the depth, use a ruler to measure from the back wall to the tip of the bullnose by looking straight down at the ruler (do not wrap it around, we know how much to add for that).  The same is true for how thick your steps are, measure the thickness, not the wraparound.  Here is a helpful picture:

Q:  My stairs have a more of a flat-face, rather than a fully-rounded bullnose, do you make a True Bullnose® Tread to fit my stairs?

A:  Yes!  We make a special True Flat™ tread just for your stairs.  It rounds the top corner and then head straight down rather than making an arc around the front like a traditional bullnose step.

Q:  Will True Bullnose® Treads work on tile, marble, or concrete stairs?

A:  Yes, yes, and yes!

Q:  May I get samples of the tread carpet styles I’m interested in?

A:  We love to send free sample swatches so customers can see/feel the carpet in their home! Just message us to let us know which styles you’re interested in receiving a sample of, as well as your ship-to name/address, and we will get those in the mail to you. 

Q:  Can I order a matching runner or landing rug?

A:  Yes, just let us know what you need! We can custom-make a matching landing rug with or without a bullnose.

Q:  Can I order other indoor and outdoor area rugs and runners?

A:  Yes, in addition to our custom-made TrueBullnose® stair treads, we also sell Nourison Rugs & Runners!  With over 2,000 rugs to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need! Just search by color, style, shape, or material here: https://truebullnose.com/nourison-rugs-runners/

Q:  How long will my treads order take to process?

A:  Each tread is made to order, so typically our standard orders take between 5-15 business days for production, depending on how long it takes us to receive the carpet and how busy we are at that time. Custom orders usually take between 10-25 business days for production, as each custom piece must be hand cut.

Although we cannot make any guarantees about a faster ship time, our production team tries to get the orders out as quickly as possible.

Please reach out if you have a question about timing for a specific carpet style.

Q:  How do I care for Wool Treads, Rugs and Runners?

A:  To best care for your wool treads, rugs or runners, manufacturer recommendations are as follows:

For Loop Pile Wool Carpets: Use suction only vacuums on looped pile wool carpets. Do not use “beater-bar” vacuums— i.e. a vacuum with a rotating brush or beater brush bar. Rugs with thick loop pile construction may be sensitive to rubbing/scraping/pulling, which may cause fuzzing.

For Cut Pile Wool Carpets: Using vacuum cleaners with a rotating brush or beater/brush bar is fine for cut pile wool rugs. Simply adjust the brush/beater bar height to the highest setting, and then lower the bar until it contacts the pile enough to vibrate the carpet to loosen and vacuum up dirt.